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Whether a government entity, an educational district, a corporation, or an individual, providing reliable and credible appraisal results has been an important function of our firm over the years.  While the goal is often to ensure the client does not overpay or sell for too little, it may be just as important for them to understand certain market realities. Such knowledge allows clients to make well-informed decisions in a timely manner and avoid missing out on important opportunities.  Sound appraisal judgment can contribute immensely to these goals.


There are many circumstances that result in disputes among corporations, partners, and even unrelated parties. At The Rothweiler Group, Inc., we pay particularly close attention to your needs and make every effort to provide facts and analysis, with the goal of avoiding costly litigation.


The area of eminent domain encompasses a wide range of acquisition types including: highways, railroads, open space, and urban renewal. Our group is versed in the appraisal issues related to all these appraisal probes.  Our goal is always to provide reliable and credible assignment results, which lead to a just compensation settlement.  In circumstances where condemnation litigation is required, we provide a high level of professionalism and presentation in our court testimony.


Having a tremendous amount of real property appraisal experience and talent, The Rothweiler Group, Inc. is dedicated to upholding and adhering to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, as well as Federal and Colorado law. We focus on the clients' needs, in relation to the intended use and intended users of the assignment results.


Accurate reporting of real property values can be a critical component of both market cap and tax reporting.  We have prepared appraisals for some of the largest insurance and high-tech companies with holdings in the Denver Metropolitan Area. Well researched, defensible real property appraisal conclusions are in important part of corporate reporting needs.